Google Ads Retargeting and Remarketing

by | Online Advertising

Google offers several ways to retarget, or remarket, your ads to people who’ve previously interacted with your business. For example, a person searching for new shoes to purchase may visit many websites and will notice that as they browse one, an ad for a site they just visited shows in the ad-section. This is Google’s ad remarketing – a very strategic form of advertising.

Remarketing campaigns are easy to setup and offer a wide array of functions to create a more personalized ad for specific audiences. These ads are based on a bidding system; the same one is used in your regular search/display ads to show your ad when the best bid is chosen in real-time.

With Google’s remarketing ads, you can choose between text, image, and video to present your products or services. Find ways to remarket with Google Ads down below:

Standard remarketing will show your ads on Google’s Display Network, or whenever users search for terms that are related to any of your products and services. This is a bit different from Dynamic remarketing, which shows ads to previous visitors that contain products and services they viewed on your site. Dynamic remarketing will show users the best product or service based on user information that Google has. This is an excellent tool.

Remarketing and customer lists allow you to customize search ads for users who have visited your site previously. This feature includes options to set bids, create ads, and select keywords. Selecting broad keywords to bid on is a great way to broaden the visibility of your ads.

If you’re looking to increase sales and brand-awareness, then Google’s remarketing ads are a fantastic way to do so. You will have many options in creating your remarketing ads and a wonderful collection of statistics to help you improve and tailor ads for specific audiences.

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