What Is Search Engine Optimization?

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Upon graduating from high school, I realized I knew plenty of things but little about how to use or apply them to my life. In that same way, knowing what SEO means and what it does offers little. You’re still stuck if you know that you need to use SEO on your website but do not know how to do it or what it means to optimize your website for search engines. Plenty of people have good, well-functioning websites that do not perform well because they have not been optimized for SEO or the writing style is completely off-target when it comes time for search engine crawlers to scan the site. When you know what it means to write for SEO, it makes a lot more sense to utilize the tools that are already in front of you so your site climbs higher on search engine result pages.

SEO-style writing simply means that your website is optimized and written with your audience in mind, in line with your company’s vision (or kept all in the same family, to put it in easier terms), and keyword-rich. First, if you are an online boutique that sells shoes, it probably will not serve you well to write as though you are addressing a group of PhD students rather than someone who is simply looking to purchase a new pair of shoes. If your website content is written with your audience in mind, it will not only appeal more to your site visitors, but will also perform better on search engine result pages. Similarly, it helps if your content and posts are not all over the place but are structured in a way that makes sense to your company’s vision and services or products. Instead of making a bunch of random posts for the sake of adding new content for your website, your posts should be kept in line with what you offer and relevant to your business. The final key is to use keyword-rich phrases.

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