Sierra Blanca Wildland Fire Academy: New Website

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As we saw this past summer, the Southwest of the United States is a prime candidate for wildfire eruptions. Sierra Blanca Wildland Fire Academy aims to help combat this issue. The Sierra Blanca Wildland Fire Academy was founded in 2002 by the Village of Ruidoso Fire Department. It is a non-profit service that provides wildland fire training to area fire departments at an affordable cost. Since its founding, the Sierra Blanca Wildland Fire Academy has developed into a multi-jurisdictional multi-agency wildfire academy. From inception, one thing has remained true: It is SBWFA’s mission to provide quality, accessible training to all agencies and individuals. Quality instruction that meets NWCG standards ensures the production of safe, knowledgeable, and qualified firefighters.

New Mexico is at high risk for wildfires. It is estimated that more than 70 percent of the state’s population abide in areas that are considered elevated risk for wildfire development. Due to the climate and terrain in New Mexico, wildfires can spread quickly, and the Sierra Blanca Wildland Fire Academy was created to help ensure that the firefighters who battle these fires are well trained and highly qualified. Over the last year, New Mexico state officials have declared that wildfire season now lasts all year long due to climate change and the forests becoming drier. Sierra Blanca Wildfire Academy aims to help firefighters develop modern techniques to fight and help prevent wildfires. Not only do their courses help firefighters keep themselves and one another safer, but they also help to prevent wildfires from developing and spreading in the first place.

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