The Difference: Mobile-Friendly vs. Mobile-Responsive

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Most of us can tell the difference between when someone is being friendly versus if they are being responsive. For example, when I visit the school I attended and where my mom still teaches, I say hello to the principal, superintendent, and teachers when I see them in the halls. I know that I am being friendly, but I am not necessarily responding to anything they said or did. On the other hand, if I run into a former favorite teacher of mine as I walked the hallway, I stop what I am doing, go into their classroom, and visit with them. We ask questions, share conversation, and go beyond the usual small talk. While you may know the difference between being friendly and being responsive in your every day, it can be a little harder to determine the difference between a mobile-friendly site and a mobile-responsive site.

A mobile-responsive site is much more likely to get consistent views, and oddly enough, it is also more friendly for the user! Mobile responsive websites adjust font size, picture, and layout. You will not get three columns you have to scroll horizontally to see. Instead, there is likely a single column that fits the size of your cellphone screen. The pictures and text are optimized for your viewing on a smaller screen. A mobile-friendly website does not change based on the device from which you are accessing the website. It is accessible via your phone or tablet, but it is not the best viewing experience. Mobile responsive sites are ranked higher than mobile friendly sites, and Google ranks SEO based on mobile versions of sites rather than the desktop. It is vital for your SEO ranking that your website have a mobile version of the site that is responsive and easy to access.

If you do not have a mobile-responsive version of your website, contact Your Web Pro today! We are happy to help you get your site to where it needs to be in order to do well in SEO and provide a nice viewing experience for mobile visitors.