What Exactly Is Email Marketing?

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This year has been a series of ups and downs, and many things have had to adapt to new guidelines, closures, or curbside offerings only. Though things are largely reopened and allowing customers inside, a lot of the previous marketing strategies that companies used to advertise their services are no longer as effective as they used to be. The storefront signs you were using in February may not work as well as they did seven months ago, and advertising in-person only means that you are missing out on a significant bulk of potential customers. Additionally, you may want a way to market your new hours, update your clientele on your safety measures, or inform the public of your curbside or pickup options. Utilizing new (to you) marketing techniques may help you as we approach the last quarter of the year. One thing you can do is to begin an email marketing campaign.


Email marketing is the use of sending emails en masse to promote your company’s products or services. Email marketing can help establish a relationship between you and your customers as well as potential customers who have visited your site and signed up to receive emails. It is important to note that you should only send emails to those who have opted in to your email list. Otherwise, you have a high chance of being reported as spam and having your emails bounce. Done correctly, email marketing can be personal, helpful, and informative. To increase customer engagement and rapport, you can offer customers a discount on their birthday or for other holidays, keep them updated as to what you are doing during this time, or inform them of your “new normal” offerings such as in-store pickup or curbside pickup.


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