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Since 1981, the Texas Bighorn Society has been fighting to preserve the bighorn sheep and their natural habitats across Texas. What started as an intense lobbying effort to receive support for a reintroduction project in the Texas Legislature with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission has grown into refunding the Texas bighorn sheep program under the organization of what is now the Texas Bighorn Society. To this day, the successful and continued reintroduction of the desert bighorn sheep to several locations across Texas is considered one of the most inspiring and successful wildlife stories in the state. From the first reintroduction of 20 bighorn sheep to Elephant Mountain Wildlife Management Area in 1987 to over 1,110 desert bighorn sheep roaming seven locations across Texas, Texas Bighorn Society continues to contribute to and facilitate the reintroduction of the desert bighorn sheep to their natural home.


Texas Bighorn Society is committed to returning desert bighorn sheep to all of their native ranges in the state of Texas. As of 2019, nearly 1,500 bighorn sheep roam the seven locations. If every native range had desert bighorn sheep, the number would double to roughly 3,000 bighorns. Texas Bighorn Society uses membership dues as well as their annual Roundup Weekend and Auction to return desert bighorn sheep to the mountains and their native ranges of Texas. Additionally, Texas Bighorn Society hosts an annual Work Week where their staff and members gather to donate time and effort to repairing or building at least one guzzler for the sheep. One Texas storm can fill up the guzzler and last an entire season.


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