Why Websites Get Hacked

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While many people would like a better answer for this, there is often no rhyme or reason as to why your website is hacked. If you are part of a larger corporation, hackers could be looking to breach and steal information, or they may have simply chosen your site because it was easier to hack than another. Most website hacks are not because you are a targeted victim but because you are a victim of opportunity. Most are not targeting a particular person, organization, or website. They are simply looking for a hole to exploit their own nefarious work and are using your website to do so.

Though most website hacks do not involve a targeted victim, they do involve stealing of information. Hackers can skim personal data from your customers such as their contact information, address, payment information, or other sensitive information. They can also use your domain to send out junk mail and give your website a bad reputation while also protecting their personal identity as a scammer. Worse, hackers can use your hacked website to upload or distribute illegal files from your domain. This could include leaked intellectual property, illegal software, pornography, and more. By using your account to distribute the data, they hide their possession of it.

Hackers can also use your website to run scams behind your legitimate site. They can use a password reset or page redirect to send you to a bank page that looks secure and asks for payment information or email customers to confirm their password or other sensitive information. When customers click the link and confirm their information, the information is sent back to the hacker and saved for later use. Another reason your site may be hacked is so a hacker can load a virus onto your site visitors.

It is vital to keep your website and information from your customers or site visitors safe from hacks. Contact Your Web Pro today to learn more about website safety and hacking.