How Does a Google Ad Work?

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There are many things in life that you can know but do not help you until you learn how they work. For example, when I was little, I knew that the inside of the oven was hot and that the heat baked cookies and chicken casseroles, but until I rose on tip-toe to see the cookies as they cooled on the counter and subsequently burned my chin, I did not know that the pan the food cooked on became hot as well. It did me little good to know that the oven was hot until I learned that the heat transferred to the baking sheet or dish as well. On another note, when I was on the wakeboarding team in college, I knew that I needed to sign up for practice sessions on the boat, but I didn’t know the process of getting the time slot I needed until someone explained it to me. Similarly, you can know that Google Ads is a great way to show up higher on Google’s search engine result page, but that does not exactly help you unless you also know how the Google Ads process works.


Google Ads is a paid system of advertising. When you go through Your Web Pro to place your Google Ad, our team will sit down with you to figure out what your goals are, the audience you are trying to reach, and what your budget is. Then we will discuss your keywords, and the bidding process begins. Google Ads uses keywords to bid and pay for spots on the search engine result pages, whether that is at the top in the very first spot or a few places on the first page of results. When a bid is won, you then pay for every click that your advertisement receives. This helps generate more relevant and quality traffic to your website, which then organically improves your SEO ranking after the ads stop running.


When you are looking for a solid and proven method of drawing in more visitors to your site, contact Your Web Pro about Google Ads! Our team is ready to help.