Four Ways to Stop Spam

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When it comes down to it, spam in your inbox is a small problem, but it is an annoying one. Unsolicited messages can crowd your inbox and leave it cluttered, and sometimes they contain phishing schemes that can steal your personal information. Fortunately, there are ways that you can stop spam from coming into your inbox.

  1. Train your filter. We all have emails that make it past our provider’s filters. They pop up in your inbox with random or sometimes almost real headlines that often have random numbers or letters in the sender’s address. You can train your email provider’s filter on what to let in to your inbox and what to keep out by marking emails as spam rather than immediately deleting them from your inbox.
  2. Keep your email address private. Do not publish your email information on any social media platform or on the Internet unless you absolutely have to. If it is necessary to publish your email address, create another account that you use for these purposes so you can keep your primary inbox clear of spam.
  3. Use a third-party filter provider. When all else seems to not be working as it should, you can always use a third party spam filter. These extensions are typically applied to your browser or directly to your account to keep your inbox clear of spam emails. There are a variety of filters to choose from, from free to paid subscriptions. These are helpful if you have a new account and your email doesn’t quite know what to filter out yet.
  4. Change your email address. This is a last-resort option if everything else has failed to deliver on keeping your inbox spam-free. Changing your email address means that the spammers who previously had your address will no longer have access to it, and this keeps those annoying messages out of your inbox.