Email Marketing Services with Your Web Pro

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Finding creative ideas for marketing and advertising your services while most everyone is at home and many businesses are only offering curbside or online services can be challenging, but this is the perfect time to make use of the resource that is at the fingertips of most people in America: the internet! If you are looking for new and effective ways to utilize the internet for your business, email marketing campaigns may be the perfect solution for you. While you may be pushing content on social media and your website, email marketing is a personalized, prime opportunity to reach a specific audience of people. With Your Web Pro, email marketing services are more than another message in someone’s spam folder or a series of messages that bombard inboxes.

Your Web Pro LLC helps you craft an email marketing campaign that is effective and helpful rather than another spammy message that winds up in the junk folder. By using email addresses from customers or site visitors who have knowingly submitted their information for your use, we target a group of people who are already interested in receiving information and news from your company. Email marketing used correctly is a great tool to measure interest, gain new attention, increase sales, and build a good reputation amongst your customers. Your Web Pro uses detailed weekly reports that allows us to see how many clicks, subscriptions, unsubscribers, and how many people opened the email. This allows us to help craft a campaign that will generate the most use for your company. We promise never to send spam, use an email address without expressed permission, and keep in contact with you so you are always in the know.

Contact Your Web Pro today to learn more about our email marketing services. We would love to help you get your first campaign up and running!