What is Email Marketing?

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The reality is that the last month has been a wild rollercoaster, and many of the tactics companies used to market their services or products are no longer effective due to a myriad of reasons. For example, a storefront sign is not likely to be the best method of advertising your business in a time when non-essential businesses are not open to customers, and you probably should not opt for an in-store special deal when gatherings of all sizes are prohibited other than at work or home. This is an unprecedented time, and because it is so different from what we would consider “normal,” it is important that you utilize new marketing techniques to help keep your business running even when things are different from what they have ever been. One way you can continue to market while staying at home is through email marketing.

Email marketing is, in short, the use of email to promote your company’s products or services. However, from another perspective, email marketing can help establish a relationship between you and your customers while you are unable to meet face to face. It is helpful to think of email marketing beyond the frequently “spammy” email messages you receive from companies who perhaps offered you a discount if you provided your email address and agreed to receive emails at least for a little while. Done correctly, email marketing can be personal, helpful, and informative. For example, you can offer customers a discount on their birthday or for other holidays, keep them updated as to what you are doing during this time, or assure them that you are there for them when you are able to operate normally again.

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