Website Speed Killers

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There are a number of things you can do to improve your website speed, but there are also ways to prevent a drastic slowdown in the first place. As with most anything, the best way to avoid a catastrophe is prevention! It may surprise you, but there are things you may be doing that are already causing your website pages to load slower. A slow website is something that will turn away customers before they have even officially visited your site! To keep your site running well and loading at a high speed, you can always do something to make your website more efficient. Here are a few things that could be killing your website’s loading speed without you even knowing:

  1. Network error. If your site’s code is poorly framed (too many redirects, too many pictures, et cetera) your website could be taking too long to load by no fault of your own. Your photos should all be compiled onto a template to help speed up the loading process, and code should be checked to make sure it is all written correctly.
  2. Server issues. When your website is hit with a lot of traffic and incoming requests, the loading time can increase. This issue especially happens with websites hosted on large shared servers. Often, the server is slowed down when it is crowded with HTTP requests from many sites at once.
  3. Ignoring compressed files. If your website is home to lots of files, including pictures and text, it is a good idea to compress the file and minimize the amount of space it takes up. Less memory equals a faster response time when users visit your website.

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