How to Improve Website Speed

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In a fast-paced world, we are not very patient people. Most people hate waiting in lines, waiting on hold, and waiting for things to load. In fact, I’ve been known to leave an app or site if it doesn’t pull up almost immediately. Website speed matters more than you might think. If you want to climb search engine result rankings, attract customers, and keep site visitors, you should consider how fast your website loads. Studies show that a great majority of internet users expect sites to load within two to three seconds, and if they do not, many will click off the page and find a website that loads faster. Fortunately, there are things you can do to speed up your website, climb search engine rankings, and keep site visitors coming back to your site for business.

  1. Optimize your images. If your images aren’t optimized for your website, they can take up a lot of loading time — this makes site visitors likely to click off your page before it even finishes loading!
  2. Find a better host. If the server your website is hosted on is overloaded, your website is going to be slowed down significantly. While you may have to spend a little bit more to get your site hosted on a faster server, the return is worth it!
  3. Remove unnecessary add-ons and plugins. It is important to pay attention to the plugins on your site, as when they need updating but are left alone for months on end, they can cause your site to slow down significantly. While plugins can help your site run more efficiently and function in the ways you need it to, they can also take up unnecessary space, slow your site down, and impact your website performance. Remove plugins that are not needed, and update the ones you do need regularly.

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