It Matters Where You Host Your Website

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There is a phrase my cousin often uses in passing when we are joking about spending money on something: “Buy nice or buy twice.” While we are mostly trying to justify the amount we are paying for an item, there is a good bit of truth (and advice) in this statement. A lot of the things I have bought for really cheap have broken, worn out much sooner than they should have, or failed to perform the service I thought I had purchased. This can also be true with website hosting. While determining where you host your website is not as big a decision as buying a car, a phone, or home, it is a bigger decision than what duffel bag to buy for vacation or which travel mug you order. It matters where you host your website for a multitude of reasons.

Where you choose to host your website directly impacts the speed, security, and performance of your site. If your website is hosted on a server that is overcrowded and overloaded with websites that are hogging bandwidth or disk space, your site’s speed can be dramatically slower than you would ideally like. A slow website risks dragging you down the search engine result pages rather than propelling you toward the top. Shared hosting on an overloaded server can also negatively affect the security of your website as well. If another website on the server yours is hosted on is hacked or its data is otherwise compromised, yours could easily be in harm’s way as well. Features such as two-factor authentication, firewall, and backups can help protect your website. Speed and security factor into your website’s performance. If it is slow or there are security issues, your website is not performing at the level you should be aiming for.

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