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After 17 years of remodeling homes and businesses, Signature RV Designs owners Chuck and Melissa Harris were ready for a new adventure. From the time their three children were young, they loved to go camping, and now the grandparents of seven, it is a shared love throughout the family. Chuck and Melissa knew it was important to have a space to relax in at the end of long days outdoors when they were camping, but found that they were struggling to discover a camper that gave them what they were looking for. Each camper they looked at felt bland and boring, and the layout and functions never seemed right. The solution, they decided, was to create something that fit their needs. Chuck and Melissa went on the search for an RV to entirely redo. The final product, “Oh Deer,” is what made them fall in love with remodeling RVs. Signature RV Designs took off and has become the primary business for the Harrises.

Signature RV Designs provides the West Texas region with RV restorations and sales. From a completely gutted and renovated custom camper to an RV already finished and listed in the inventory, customers are sure to get exactly what they are looking for with Signature RV Designs. Chuck and Melissa are able to give your RV a makeover (new paint, furniture, design, layout, etc.) and also have started renovating some campers that are available for customers to design themselves. Never again will you have to worry about relaxing or traveling in a space that is too small, too crowded, or too “not you” while you are camping!

Your Web Pro worked with Signature RV Designs to design a website that made information, pictures, and inventory easy to access. Site visitors are able to see examples of what Chuck and Melissa have already done in remodeling RVs as well as gain information about how they can get their RV redone or find their own camper to design. They can also access videos of the campers.

Thank you to Signature RV Designs for your business! We loved working with you. Visit to learn more.

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