New Website: Wrench It Forward

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Wrench It Forward is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Lubbock, Texas, with a goal to move people out of poverty and homelessness by providing low-cost car repairs for households with limited means. It is very difficult to get anywhere without a car in West Texas, and simple tasks such as grocery shopping, getting to and from work or school, and going to appointments are often made impossible without a reliable mode of transportation. Wrench It Forward saw the pressing need for low-cost auto repairs in the South Plains and chose to meet the need. In just over a year of service, Wrench It Forward has seen over 100 repairs completed and has saved the community of Lubbock and its surrounding areas an estimated $21,000 through maintenance, repairs, diagnostics, and car parts. Wrench It Forward works for the safety of those on the roads and the benefit of our local community.

With a number one priority of safety, Wrench It Forward’s ASE-certified technician works to ensure that every vehicle brought in is repaired to factory specifications and that proper procedures are used to put the car back on the road. The standardized price is a maximum cost of $15 an hour for the labor of fixing the vehicle plus the cost of parts provided at no additional markup. Wrench It Forward provides oil changes, brake tunes, and modern maintenance. The services Wrench It Forward offers to the Lubbock community are invaluable.

Your Web Pro was grateful to work with Wrench It Forward to create a website that is user-friendly, informative, and offers opportunities for community members to get involved through donations and volunteering. Site visitors are able to easily learn what Wrench It Forward offers and gather all the information they need.

Thank you, Wrench It Forward, for allowing us to work with you and build your new website! Visit their website here:

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