New Year, New Website?

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The beginning of a new year (and, in this case, a new decade) is the time when many people vow to make big changes in their lives. Many decide to eat healthier, work out, spend less time on electronics, read more books, and other goals. Some decide to start something new, like a business or writing a book. This year, it may be time for you to start the new year with a new website! We are commonly asked how often someone should consider redesigning their website. Our catch-all answer is that you should consider a website redesign every 18 months OR at any major changing point in your business. Of course, this does not mean you absolutely must redesign your website at these points, but you should at least consider it at those points.

As is consistent with the age-old saying that change is the only constant, things in our online world are always changing. When your business changes as well, it makes sense to switch things up with your website as well. If you were marketing a service that you no longer offer but now offer two new services, you want your website to reflect that. You can also consider a redesign if your company’s marketing has changed aesthetically, such as if you remodel your office and have a new logo. The last thing you want is for someone to visit your website and get a feel for what you offer only to find your storefront in person and find that they do not mirror one another. That is confusing and poor marketing! Your website should make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for online and in person. Therefore, if your storefront or office and website do not match up, it may be time for a redesign.

Keeping your website current and modern is important in today’s online world. Contact Your Web Pro today to find out if a website redesign is the right move for your business!

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