What Does Display Advertising Do?

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Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook feed after a long day and had an advertisement grab your attention seemingly out of nowhere? Do you get sucked in to watching video advertisements on social media or find yourself clicking on an ad that you saw pop up on your Instagram page? Display advertising is a method of targeting an audience of a particular website or platform to get them to engage in a specific action. More often than not, this action is clicking on the advertisement to make a purchase. Display advertising is comprised of image or video advertisements accompanied by text that entice viewers to click rather than what you would see from an advertisement on something like Google where businesses are paying to show up higher on results pages.

Display advertising uses images from your website to draw the attention of viewers. There are different ways to utilize display advertising, such as banner ads, videos, and interactive media. No matter what your goal or target audience may be, you can choose a style or format that will be most effective for your desired outcome. Display advertising offers a variety of ways you can choose to put your business or product out there. It also allows you to target your correct audience by placing your visual advertisement on the correct platforms through demographics, interests, and geographic location. Display ads are very good at building and maintaining brand awareness and engaging audiences.

If you are looking to improve your business and bolster more attention for your products, display advertising is a great step to take. People are more likely to click on a picture or video that catches their eye than they are to stop and read an advertisement that is only words. Your Web Pro would love to help you begin (or continue) your journey with display advertising! Contact us today to learn more!

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