Website Grandpas

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Have you ever visited a site only to see that, while it was still working fine and everything looked to be working the way it was supposed to, it appeared a little outdated? Sure, the links and buttons and forms were all functioning, the site itself loaded in a timely manner, and nothing was visibly “wrong” with the website, but it was just not quite appealing to look at or scroll through. Even the most well-designed websites have a bit of an expiration date. After a website hits the five year mark, it is considered “over the hill.” This does not mean you have to completely take down the website for a rebuild right on its fifth birthday, but it does mean that your website is technically a “website grandpa.”

Website grandpas can still be viable, work well, and function the way you would like it to, but its age should be taken into consideration. Think of trading in a car. There may be nothing inherently wrong with your car, but as it gets older and gets more miles on it, you would rather trade it in while things are still working well than wait for chaos to ensue when something goes wrong. A website can be thought of in the same way. While your “website grandpa” may be working well now, you want to stay ahead of any big issues. Therefore, you need to consider how well it is really working and how much longer it will remain functioning the way it is supposed to.

If your website is approaching the age of “over the hill,” don’t wait until something goes horribly wrong to evaluate its functionality! Stay ahead by considering its viability and how it should run, and consider a redesign as your website gets older in order to ensure that your website remains up and running instead of outdated and crashed.

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