New Website: Gary’s Piano Service

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Though Gary’s Piano Service has only been official for about 20 years, owner Gary Dennis has been tuning and servicing pianos for longer. The company started in Paris, Texas, when Gary started tuning pianos after his job as a school teacher. While he has been a minister, child counselor, and school teacher, Gary has continually returned to music. Specifically, Gary started his piano service to do what he loved and what had fascinated him tremendously for years. He has been tuning pianos since then. When Gary approached us about building a new website for his piano services, we were thrilled to work alongside him and create something that reflects the hard work that he puts in to making pianos sound better for their owners.

We wanted Gary’s Piano Service to have a simple interface for good user experience. There are five pages: Home, About Us, Piano Services, FAQ, and Contact Us. Site visitors do not have to scroll past the home page to find what they are looking for. In addition to buttons and links to each of the other pages, there is also a description of the services Gary offers as well as a little bit of background information regarding the business. For some additional reading, we also listed interesting facts about pianos at the bottom of the home page for those who are wondering why it is so important to have your piano regularly serviced and tuned. On the Frequently Asked Questions page, Gary has answered some common questions people have regarding piano maintenance. The Piano Services page gives insight into what each of the services Gary offers is and why it needs to be done. While Gary’s contact information and the option to submit a message is on the Contact Us page, his number and email are also listed in the footer of each page.

Gary’s Piano Service is tuning and servicing pianos in Lubbock, Texas, and surrounding areas. The next time you need your piano tuned (or if you haven’t had yours tuned in a while) we hope you will contact Gary. Thank you, Gary, for the opportunity to work with you!

Our Office: (806)771-5022