New Website: The Boot Helper

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The Boot Helper is a tool made to ensure that its user no longer has to struggle with the oftentimes tedious and sometimes painful process of putting on boots. For all who struggle to bend down or reach to pull on their boots, whether due to injury, stiffness, balance, soreness, or any other reason, the Boot Helper eliminates the need to fight to get your boots on. There is no need to work harder than you should have to just to put on your shoes, and the Boot Helper is designed with this in mind. No longer do you have to reach or bend down to pull on your boots. With its sturdy build and easy use, the fight to put on boots is over. The Boot Helper was made to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Your Web Pro was thrilled to work with Raymond Montoya, the owner and creator of The Boot Helper, to create a website to showcase the ingenuity of his design. Because one of the signatures of the Boot Helper is that it is accessible and easy to use, we wanted to ensure that the site was also these things. There are three pages on the new Boot Helper site: Home, Purchase, and Contact Us. From the home page, site visitors can learn about what the Boot Helper is and what it does. There are also options to purchase and contact Raymond accessible on the front page. The purchase page is easy to navigate and isn’t cluttered; it is easy to add the Boot Helper to your cart and check out. Raymond’s contact information is available as well as a way to leave a message without having to call or email.

We feel that the functionality and simplicity of The Boot Helper website reflects the product that Raymond created, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with him to design a site that is user-friendly and easy to navigate! If you are ready for your struggle with boots to end, visit The Boot Helper at today.

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