What Makes You Relevant to People on Facebook?

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Sometimes posting on Facebook can feel like you are talking to an empty room: you are speaking, but no one hears, or at least no one responds to what you have said. Posting over and over with little to no interaction can start to be monotonous and draining, and you may get tired of working and not seeing the fruits of your labor. However, you are not alone. Facebook analysts have estimated that organic Facebook posts reach only an average of 10.59%. There are Facebook pages with thousands of fans that are lucky to reach around 13% of their audiences, but more than likely, your posts aren’t quite having the reach that you would like. A business Facebook page is an extension of your website and is more accessible and oftentimes more updated than your site, so how do you make yourself more relevant on Facebook?

Like your website, your Facebook page needs to be optimized for online presence. Make sure that your address, phone number, and business name are listed the same on Facebook as they are on your website. This will help when people search for either your Facebook page or something in the industry your business falls under. (For example, if you own a bakery and someone searches “bakeries in ______.”) You can also increase your relevance on Facebook by following pages that are relevant or similar to your own. The more connections you have with pages that are similar to yours, the more relevant Facebook will consider your page. Your Facebook relevance is also based on your interaction, so don’t just create the page and leave it sitting for weeks or months on end! Interact with other pages and with posts on your own page.

Don’t be afraid to promote your Facebook page on your website and on other social networks such as Twitter or LinkedIn. It can feel like a process to become relevant on Facebook, but your work will pay off. Stay engaged, current, and persistent!

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