Why Does Your Company Need a Presence on Social Media?

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The latest marketing statistics are out, and they don’t lie: 90% of marketers say that social media presence has helped their business through exposure, interaction, and internet presence. Whether you run a small, local business or are in charge of a massive corporation, your company needs social media presence. It is no longer an added bonus if you have a Facebook page or Instagram account your customers or audience can interact with. Now it is all but a necessity for the sake of your business. Social media is not a passing trend or something that will be left behind for the next thing in a few months, and your company needs a presence on social media for several reasons.

One of the chief reasons your company needs a presence on social media is to communicate authority in your industry. As customers become more technologically aware and more cautious about the businesses they support, they are doing more research before they “buy in” to a company. With a social media presence that is engaging and up-to-date, your business will stand out as one that is informative, trustworthy, relevant, and knowledgeable. Many people will look up a business, find no social media or internet presence, and abandon a company due to the lack of relevant content and information. Social media presence can help increase your credibility online and in person.

Social media presence also helps you to engage with your customers. Connecting virtually with your customers builds rapport and helps you to gain their confidence. On social media, you can post important things regarding your business (notices regarding hours, special deals, etc.) as well as creative and engaging posts your customers and clients can interact with in order to grow your business’s online reputation.

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