New Website: Lubbock Day Care

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We recently had the opportunity to work with a branch of daycares in Lubbock to redo their entire website. These Christian pre-school centers include Creative Learning Center, Kids Are Cool Center, Learning Tree, and Wee Care. All four of these are Early Education Christian Schools (EECS), which are licensed by the State of Texas as a childcare center, begin caring for and teaching children as early as six weeks of age, provide an after school program, use an accredited and accelerated Christian curriculum, and maintain Green Guard standards while cleaning. The goal of Lubbock Day Care is to bring together a list of the best preschool centers in Lubbock and make the choice easier for parents when they are deciding where to send their children during the day. Lubbock Day Care identifies and lists each of the EECS programs in Lubbock and makes it simple to see what each center offers.

Your Web Pro was happy to work on this project with Lubbock Day Cares! One of the main goals of the new website was to compile one main landing site where prospective parents can go to find information on Lubbock’s Early Education Christian Schools. Each program’s separate page is accessible from the home page of the site in order to simplify the number of steps you have to take in order to learn more about the centers.

There is a drop down menu to select from “centers,” where site visitors can choose from Creative Learning Center, Learning Tree, Kids Are Cool, and Wee Care to see specifics regarding curriculum, enrollment, and contact information. Each page also offers the option to visit their website and read about the particular programs that are offered.

We enjoyed working with Lubbock Day Care to design a website that was both easy to look at and informative. Visit today to learn more and to find the best place for your child!

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