How Does More Content Help You?

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When I was in high school, my basketball coach told my teammates and I that those of us who were not on the cross country team but would be playing basketball come October we had to run one cross country meet. Yes, just one — and my friends and I certainly trained like we were only going to be running two miles one time. We took a “do the least” style, and in our after school practices, we would walk as soon as we were out of the view of our coach, or we would run the parts he could see and walk the parts he couldn’t. There were several times we joked about running to the nearby gas station and getting snacks. When the time came to actually run the race, I was wildly unprepared. Less than a mile in, I felt like I was going to pass out. I had cut corners in my training, and it definitely showed. My “less is more” approach had failed me.

The world of website content is pretty similar to my cross country training: You can take the minimalist approach and do the least possible amount of work, but it isn’t going to pay off in the end. The more content your website has (and the more frequently content is updated), the better! Not only does new or updated content let the search engines know that your site needs to be scanned and indexed again (thus increasing the likelihood of more website traffic), but the more content that is on your site, the more search engine crawlers will have to index.

Your website content should also be relevant and recent. If you haven’t touched your website since the day it was published, not only is your SEO ranking going to be low, but those who visit the site can tell when things have been published and if they are recent and/or important. If your site is home to exciting or at least fresh content, visitors are much more likely to stay and browse your site for longer than a second or two.

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