What Do Search Engines See When They Index Your Site?

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In many ways, search engines have changed our lives the past two decades. For example, we can now look things up with small computers that fit in our pockets instead of having to go find an encyclopedia. If you are looking for a coffeehouse, a car repair center, or the perfect Christmas destination, you can have answers (and options) in seconds after you type your search query into the browser.

Search engines have changed the way we go about our daily lives, and they can also help change your business! With the right tools and knowledge, search engines and their result pages can increase traffic, customer engagement, and therefore business! First, though, it is important to understand what the search engines do to help you.

Indexing is the process of collecting, organizing, and storing data for use only by a search engine. When a search engine indexes your website, it is storing and organizing the content on your site. Search engines are frequently visiting your site to look over your content, code, and images. Each time your site has content added to it or updated, it is indexed. When your site is indexed, the engine looks at keywords that are used repeatedly in order to enable ultra fast responses to search queries. Indexing allows each page of your site to be scanned quickly instead of having to search through individual pages to find relevant information.

While a search engine is indexing your site, they may also store a compressed textual version of your website’s information. This cached document is the most recent version of a page that the search engine has stored in the index. This allows the search engine to know when you have updated your website or added new content, and thus, the index is refreshed. This is why updating your website and adding content is important: The more frequently your site is indexed, the more value the search engine will place on it.

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