How Does New Content Help Your Website?

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How often do you really scroll past the first page of results when you make a Google search? Does it feel like the content you will see after that first page is less relevant to what you are searching for? A recent study showed that the first page of results on Google get approximately 95 percent of all views, which leaves only 5 percent or less for each succeeding page. With search engine algorithms constantly updating and changing, it is necessary to update content on your website in order to help it gain traffic, rankings on search engine results, and interaction.

From the minute your website goes live on the Internet, every update you make and all the content you add plays a part in your site’s interaction with visitors, customers, and search engines like Google. If you publish your website and then leave it alone for months at a time, search engines will think of it as a dead or inactive site. Updating your content is important for the Internet to see that your site is active and in use.

New content helps your website gain traffic. Search engines are frequently indexing sites to see what is going on, and the more frequently you update your website with new content, the more often search engines will look at your site. One excellent way to help increase traffic to your site is through SEO services.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is designed to optimize your website through things like keywords, images, and articles in order to improve your search engine ranking. By publishing new content that is specific to your website and the keyword you would like to use to be the first result, search engines place more value on your site, which can help improve your ranking as well as the localized visitors your website receives.

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