New Website: HCI Drilling

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We recently redesigned a website for our clients at HCI Drilling. As safety standards, training methods, and technology have evolved following the drilling and pump service company’s inception in 1992, owner Kenny Cooper knew that the company’s website should also grow and evolve to keep up with the times.

HCI Drilling has over 60 years of experience under their belt, and they pride themselves on maintaining a reputation of properly operating the best equipment in the industry, exceeding training and safety standards, and providing exceptional service to their clients. They not only drill in the oilfield, but they also do deep water wells. HCI Drilling services areas covering six states including Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado. They serve a variety of clients, and if you are curious as to who some of these clients are, the new website has listed them so potential clients can see the kind of work HCI Drilling does and the companies they serve. The new website also lists the qualifications and combined experience HCI Drilling offers as well as the equipment they use. This allows potential clients to see the expertise and standards at which the company operates. Kenny Cooper and his team believe that “while quality and service are fundamental, safety is paramount” in their industry.

The redesigned website for HCI Drilling features seven pages. In addition to the traditional home and “contact us” pages, there are also pages highlighting HCI Drilling’s qualifications, service area (complete with a map highlighted to demonstrate the wide distance the company covers), a gallery with pictures of drilling sites, and a blog. There are also buttons to call HCI Drilling and access their Facebook page. This allows more than one way to get in touch.

We are excited about the future of HCI Drilling and grateful for the opportunity to work with Kenny on the rebuild of their website! Check out HCI Drilling

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