Back-end and Front-end Maintenance

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Websites are one of those things that should not be left alone for long. But, all to often, they get left alone and soon a year has passed before the next update comes – or longer. This is bad on a couple of levels. First, it makes you more likely to have your website hacked. Second, old information makes customers less likely to call you.

Good Maintenance Is More Secure

Websites today are complex software systems. As such, they require software updates on a regular basis. Hackers are looking for holes around the clock. They scan all websites all the time just hoping to find a hole they can exploit. You don’t want them to find that hole on your website. When a good maintenance cycle is followed your website will stay up to date and that makes it a whole lot less likely to be hacked. Our maintenance plans cover all the normal back-end maintenance for most websites. We keep track of what is needed and proactively keeps your website software up to date.

Good Maintenance Converts Better

Customers want to find good information on your website. As time goes by most of your information gets less and less relevant – especially if you are in an industry that has fast moving products or services. You should strive to give people the best information possible so they can make a good decision about hiring your company. A good maintenance program can help you keep your website current on a budget you can afford. Anytime information needs to change on your website just holler and we take it from there. It really is that simple.

So give your website the attention it deserves. With a website maintenance plan from Your Web Pro LLC we will keep the back-end up to date month after month and keep your information current for customers to see. We bill you one flat rate per month helping your website stay current and on budget. Give us a shout today and let’s get this started

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