Budget Friendly Website Updates

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Keeping a website up to date can get expensive. Let’s be honest. Hourly rates are not cheap and some work can take a lot of time. So how can you keep your website up to date without breaking the bank? With a website maintenance package from Your Web Pro LLC you can keep your website current in a budget friendly way you can afford.

Here is how it works. We charge a flat rate every month for the services you need. The most basic of that is our standard maintenance package that covered software updates in the back-end and content updates on the front end.

Back-end updates important to keep your website secure and stable. Some months there will be a number of updates to run, some months none at all. So this is something we monitor and proactive take care of for our maintenance customers.

Front-end updates make sure that the content people see on your website is accurate to what your business offers right now. These could be anything from the current list of employees or this weeks specials at the local diner. We run maintenance updates on websites all over the spectrum. Just like back-end updates, some months there might be several things to change and other months not so many.

Over the course of time all of these things even out and become a good bargain. Believe it or not, they are pretty steady profits for us too. We are in business to make a living. Website maintenance helps us to plan very stable income over the long term.

We can always do others things too like SEO, Email Marketing, and so much more. Let us build a plan that fits your needs. Do it all or just a little, we got you covered.

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