The flexibility of Google Ads Campaigns

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Google Ads is extremely flexible to meet the needs of your business. From seasonal campaigns to fixed budgets, there really is room for just about everyone in this boat.

Seasonal Campaigns

When your business has hard seasonal swings like roofers and landscapers do, Google Ads can help you plan well by those seasons. With companies like these we will often spin ads up a little while before the hot season and then run them hard throughout that season to help gain new business. When the season turns cold we either trim them way back or shut down completely.

For companies that do things like heating and air conditioning the ads might run all year, but the target and presentation is much different throughout the seasons. It is important to plan around these swings to get the most out of your ads.

Budget Concerns

When money matters, or maybe I should say that money always matters. No one has an unlimited budget. With Google Ads there is always a sweet spot where the money is sufficient to get good coverage, but not excessive. The first thing we do with any new ad campaigns is to nail down what that sweet spot is. From there we can find some wiggle room to meet your needs.

We run a cost-plus billing model on ads so you only pay when the ads are getting attention. That helps keep things in budget and makes us accountable to get the coverage you need. Inside of that, you can set any budget you want and we will follow it. That means you can set a cap of $100 a month if you want to even when the sweet spot is closer to $400 a month, for example. As the ads prove out those numbers can always change to meet you needs.

Our goal in running any online ad campaign is to help your company grow. We don’t set long term contracts on these ad campaigns so you can make a change anytime. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help.

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