Pay Per Click? What is that?

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Pay per click advertising is an online advertising method in which you pay only for the instances where someone clicks on your ad. People viewing your ad without clicking it cost you nothing. Those views are called impressions and, while some ads are billed on impressions, the better method is to pay for the actual clicks on your ad.

Most online advertising platforms allow you to choose whether you pay for clicks or impressions and when given that option we will almost always advise on clicks. The cost per instances with clicks can be more expensive, but it is far more tangible. Imagine you look at a website that contains five ads. You did not come there to see the ads, but the ads are there to help gain an income for the website operator. Your act of viewing the page created an impression, a view, for each of those five ads. If you did not click on any of them then you make 5 impressions and zero clicks.

From a branding perspective there is value in those views. Your ad is shown to a potential customer and they do see your information regardless of their click action, or lack thereof. That is certainly valuable – and it is absolutely free when your ad campaign is geared to pay on click actions.

So running an ad campaign online where you pay per click allows you to get your ad in front of a lot of people while maximizing the dollars you spend. If you are interested in running something like this for your company we can help. It is a very effective tool and can be implemented on almost any budget. Just give us a shout and we can sit down and figure out a plan that best fits your needs.

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