How does Google Ads help People find my Business?

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If you’re looking to put your business out for more people to find, Google Ads is a fantastic way to do just that. With Google Ads, there are tools that show you all of the data that is needed to develop proper ads and keywords. This data includes demographics, locations, most-searched keywords, and much more. I’ll talk more about how this data helps down below.

I’ll start with demographics. Google gathers users demographics based on their personal Google profile. Don’t worry, this data doesn’t include personal information such as name or date of birth. Google will only show age groups, locations, and possible interests based on what you or other users have searched. Advertisers can use this data to develop better ads and ad-placements.

The next great tool is the search terms list. Advertisers use this tool to see what users are searching when their ad is shown. It’s a great way to understand your audience and can even give you an idea of what to use for negative keywords. Negative keywords are used to let Google know not to show your ad for those keywords.

Another way Google Ads helps people find your business responsive ads. This is a new feature by Google that is currently in beta-testing. With responsive ads, you’re allowed to make multiple headlines that will change with each search. Only the best variation of the ad will show to the user.

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By Triston Ramos – Web Designer, SEO Specialist