What is Google Ads?

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In 2000, Google released their advertisement platform where advertisers get to display products, mobile apps, videos, and service offerings on Google’s search and display networks. The platform allows for advertisers to pay for clicks, which is usually around a dollar per click but this varies depending on the type of competition you’re facing.

Google Ads has since become a very popular platform for online advertising and with the right amount of knowledge, you can get a head-start from most businesses. It is also essential to know how users are searching for your business. With Google Ads, you have access to a list of search terms that are used to show your ad. Knowing search terms can help you determine the best keywords to apply to your ad campaigns.

Once you’ve learned the basics of Google Ads, it becomes a wonderful tool for anyone seeking to grow their business. Show images, products, use their location targeting system, and be able to show ads to specific regions of the world. With Google, they are always improving their Ads platform, including more features and increasing the functionality of the search engines.

As Google continues to evolve the platform, it’s always best for businesses and users to stay updated. And this August, here at Your Web Pro, we are rolling out a number of articles to help you better understand Google Ads. As you progress and read through these articles, a whole new world of opportunities opens up with advertising and outreach.

Google Ads is expected to continue its growth in the coming years, so let’s get you started and put your business out in the view of thousands of Google users. To do this, we offer a fantastic SEO service to help you expand your online presence. Give us a call if you’re interested in growing your business with this wonderful digital advertising platform!

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By Triston Ramos – Web Designer, SEO Specialist