How Social Media Management Works

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Social media management is a service we have offered for a number of years. The basic idea is simple: We plan and post so you can focus on other things. Down in the trenches, a lot more goes on. Here is the run down:

1. Planning Meetings

We start with a planning meeting to understand more about what you do and who you are trying to connect with. During this meeting we are gathering information to help shape the content that will be developed. Typically this meeting is held again every 3 to 6 months as needed.

2. Planning Draft Content

Following the planning meeting we begin planning the content that will be posted. We layout a schedule of how frequent posts should be made, what type of posts they should be, and what those posts contain. All of this is saved in a shared document that the customer has access to. This content is planned each month with time to approve and schedule it before the month begins.

3. Approval Revisions

Once the month’s content is planning we ask you to take a look at the content. If we need to make any revisions we can do that before the content is scheduled. We do this each time there is a new set of content ready to be reviewed – usually once a month.

4. Posting Approved Content

When all the content is planned and approved, we schedule it out to publishing according to the plan. This ensures that good content is going out regularly to keep your name showing up in social media. If you would like to visit about starting this service for your business, just give us a call.