What in the World can we Post now?

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Keeping your business active in social media is important, but a common struggle with many business owners and marketing professionals. What to post and when can be hard to keep up with. There are some simple guidelines to help make this easier.

Plan Around Topics

One handy way to organize posts for social media is around topics. This is especially helpful when you can follow seasonal services or monthly specials in your business. Make the content going out over social media match up with what you are doing otherwise in the business. If you know what will be happening throughout the year, this planning gets even easier. Plan that content and even schedule it out to publish later.

70/20/10 Rule

Another thing to remember in your posts is to post more than just stuff for sale. There is a rule called the 70/20/10 rule. In that, you post 70% of your content that is informational or educational. For 20% of your content, make it inspirational so you connect on an emotional level. And for the last 10% sell your products or services. Following this rule makes your profile more enjoyable for customers and they are more likely to like, share, and comment.

Plan Ahead!

The final thing to do is plan ahead. This could be as far out as next week or the next quarter. The key here is to create the right content to publish and get it scheduled out for publishing. Take an afternoon and just work on this, then get back to your other tasks. The posting process can run on autopilot so you just need to check in from time to time on comments and messages. This planning step keeps you from putting off the post that should have gone out today. If you need help in this area, just give us a shout. One of the services we offer is social media management. We will look at that more next week. But essentially, we plan and publish content for you making this whole process much easier.