Does my Company really need to be posting to Social Media?

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A common question we hear is whether or not a company really involved in social media as business. Sure, most people have profiles for their personal connections, but maybe not for their companies. The answer is: maybe. Most likely, yes.

Your customers are on social media. Be it Facebook, Youtube, etc they are out there and you have the ability to connect with them using either the targeting ad tools or more organic means. If you want to reach those customers, you need to be involved in social media. The next question is where… then how.

Knowing where your audience is gathering online will help to shape where and how you should be involved. Different age groups tend to congregate on different networks. Beyond age there are a lot of places people gather online based around their specific interests. Looking for golf cart enthusiasts? There is a place to find them. Make-up fanatics? They are gathered. You name it, there is a spot online where those people are connecting. The key is knowing who your target is then finding the best places for those people.

Once you have found them it is time to explore getting involved. You have to carefully position yourself to be a valid source of information without just selling to those people all the time. This means you join the community. You contribute and discuss with those people instead of just blasting all the reasons they should buy from you. Social media is a slow game most of the time. It takes a diligent effort over time to begin to see a good return. Stick with it!