If you build it, they will come? False

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You have probably heard of the movie, “The Field of Dreams.” the basic plot is that if they build a baseball field in their corn field, the players will just show up and the fans will come to watch. It is great for a movie plot, maybe not so much for your business. While we all hope that the single act of starting a business, opening a storefront, building a website will cause the customers to just show up and their money to just flow in. In the world, however, it just does not work like that.

We run into this with websites from time to time. We build a good site and get it launched and nothing happens. A few weeks go by and a little traffic starts to comes. As more and more time goes by, the site just does not seem to be making it. Why not? Maintenance. A website really needs to be maintained to do well. It needs to be updated and refreshed to stay relevant. So how do you do that?

Make a Plan

Start with making a plan. Figure out what things you can change and how often those should change. Make a plan for the next 3 or 6 months to have information ready to update. When we plan our SEO service with you we help make this plan then work to carry it out for you.

Stick to it!

Once you have that plan, stick to it. Make it a weekly or monthly task to get the website updated. We help a lot of companies with this task. If you need help, we can come along side you also to get this work done.