What makes you Show up Better?

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The most common question we hear from people about their websites is, “What makes our website show up better?” The answer is multifaceted, but normally they are asking specifically about search engine ranks. The other two involve social media attention and links from referring sites. We will look at those two another time.

Showing up better in search ranks

Search engines have a simply job: show someone the best information related to what they are looking for. To do this, they index websites over and over trying to have very current data on every website out there. When someone fires up a search, the search engine compiles a list of results from their data that is most relevant. So the answer to the questions is: be the most relevant.

How to make it happen

Making a website show up better starts with a good website. Your site should give the visitor a good experience with clean and easy to read content. The site has to be mobile friendly and does better if it runs over an encrypted connection. After all of that, update the site often with new, relevant information. The more often you can update, the better. Once a month is good. Once a week is even better.

Patience and realistic expectations

When you are working in this area it is important to be patient and make realistic expectations. This is especially true when you have neglected website or one that is brand new. Both of those start with no reputation so you have to build it up from nothing. A fair website with good history will rank much faster. Give us a call and we can help you line out the best plan to help you website rank better and better.