How Search Engines Index

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Understanding how search engines crawl around the internet and gather information can help you make informed decisions about online marketing. Most search engines work in generally the same manner with. Let’s dig into how that works.



The search engines employ specialized software that is designed to automatically dig through websites for information that can be used to help others find what they need. This software has a few names: crawlers, search bots, spiders. The last one, spiders, is the most descriptive of their work. These spiders go through your website looking at the code. In there they are keying in on specific things to help them understand what your website is about. The different areas of the code carry different weights of importance – that is why we want to organize your content very specifically. The more organized and streamlined the code and content is on your website, the better a spider can do digging through it. The spider collects information that is stored in the databases of the search engines for later use in searches. While the spiders are going through the website, they send new spiders off following links inside your site and others you link to. That is why it is important to add links correctly and seek links to your site from others.


It is the following of links that allows the spider to crawl the web of the internet. They crawl from site to site non-stop 24/7 comparing and updating information in their indexes. When they find new information, they set a schedule to come back shortly and see if anything else changed. When they consistently see old information they tend to not come back as often. This will impact how your website shows up in the search results.


It is where you show up in the search results that determines whether you will be found by potential visitors. If your website is lost on page 10, not many people will find you. If it ranks in the top half of the first page, people are much more likely to see it and click to visit your website. The goal of your website should be to move into the top 10 or even better, the top 5 ranks. That will put you in the position to be found more and thus grow your business. Our SEO service is designed to help this process happen. It all starts with an initial planning meeting to line out the right content then we get to work writing, revising, and published content you’ve approved for your website.