Your Website is Never Complete

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Do you feel like your work just never gets done? If you are working on your website and online marketing, you are right. A good website is not a once-and-done thing, but an ever evolving tool to help your business grow. While the technology and algorithms have changed – and will again – one things has remained true about running a good website: Update your website often with unique, relevant content and it will do better with search engines and customers.

No one likes Old Information

Unless you are a history buff, no one likes old information. Even in history, we always find fascination with new details about old events. When your website is filled with old information it impacts you in two negative ways: Search engines index it less AND People stop coming back.

Search Engine It Less

When search engines index your website they look for new and different information. When they do see new content, they tend to index more frequently and deeper. When they don’t see anything new, the opposite is true and they at an increasingly less frequent interval. Over time, your website will begin to rank lower and lower with the poor indexing pattern.

People Stop Coming Back

People are much like the search engine bots. When people come to your website and return later and see nothing new they are less and less likely to come back. As time goes by the website begins to be utterly useless for repeat traffic.

What is the Solution?

Righting the ship for your website is a simple thing to start: update it. Take a spin through your website and mark a few things that need to be changed or added. Depending on the amount of information to change it can be helpful to make a schedule. Change one area this week, another next week, and so on. Smaller changes more often are going to make more impact that large changes far apart. For the Your Web Pro website we don’t let a week go by without updating or adding something to our website. Another thing to consider is our SEO service. This service is designed to generate new content and publish it on your website every month. We start with a meeting to plan the content then begin writing it. After you approve each piece, we publish it to your website for you. That makes an easy and convenient way to keep your website up to date.