Options for Building a Website

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When you are thinking about building or redesigning a website you have options. Depending on the needs you have, some tools may fit better than others. From the DIY tools into hiring a group like Your Web Pro to build your website, knowing your options helps you make the best choice for your needs and budget.

Do-It-Yourself Tools

A whole host of DIY website tools exists out there that allow you to build a website. While some are better than others, many of them are nice tools that can meet some website needs. It is important to look at the tools and determine if they allow for your full needs and room to grow in the future. What you don’t want to do is lock yourself into a tool that can’t handle what you need. When that happens you will have to start over with a new tool and usually that means your old website has to be completely redone.

Hiring a Designer

Hiring a web design can seem tough and might cost more than a DIY tool, but you get the experience of a professional that can build exactly what you need today with room to expand later on. There are designers around the world on teams and working solo. At Your Web Pro, we are a team of experienced website designers in Lubbock. No project in our office is done exclusively by one person. We always share and collaborate to try to get exactly what the customer needs.

When you start to interview web design companies in Lubbock, ask three important questions: Do you do the design work in house or will this be outsourced? Will I own this website when it is complete? Can you give me a formal proposal with a fixed cost? Those three questions will help you avoid some common pitfalls people encounter when hiring a website design firm.

A Blended Model

Sometimes we get into work where the client needs some help, but can also do some of the work themselves. A project came through recently were the client had built their website, but just needed some help fine tuning it. We spent about a day and a half working on the last details. A project we are getting ready to start is the same idea. This client has the images and content ready to go, but needs help with the assembly. We can do it all, or just a little – whatever is best for you. If we can help you build or finish your website, get in touch. We would love to visit with you.