A Recent Build: Symmetry Turf

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Symmetry Turf is a construction company specializing in stadium and sports field construction. We have worked with Symmetry helping to manage their current website for some time. When it was time for a redesign they allowed us to continue that work with a complete overhaul of their website.

The goal in this project was the present the incredible work the team at Symmetry Turf does. From city soccer blocks to schools to NCAA fields and up to NFL stadiums, they have done it and knocked it out of the park.

The main element we focused on for this project was the project mapping tool. With hundreds of completed sports fields under their belt, Symmetry Turf wanted to show the breadth of work they had done. The end result is a map of the United States showing different icons for all of the fields they have completed. Behind each project pin is also a profile including images of the field. The tool truly shows the impressive scale of work Symmetry has completed.

Large projects like Symmetry as right up our alley. Managing multiple elements and an evolving need is difficult, but we can get you taken care of. If you have an idea to show off your work online, give us a shout and we can work up a plan to get it done.