Getting Imagery the Right Way: A Professional

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Website content is very important for gaining and holding a visitor, but to grab their initial attention you need captivating images and videos. There is a wrong way and a right way to get those media files. As we continue our look at how to correctly use images and videos on your website we will step into three good methods. This first piece will focus on hiring a professional.

Professionals are worth it

If you are like me, you can take a picture. Maybe you even have a fancy camera to use. I, however, have found taking a picture does not make me a photographer. Even having a fancy camera can’t give me the artistic eye that a good photographer possesses. It might be likened to me turning on an oven vs being a chef or buying a horse vs being a cowboy. Using a true photographer is worlds above just getting some pictures. That is why we encourage our clients to hire a professional photographer whenever it is possible. Their website is going to look so much better and the images are really going to make their company shine with the right person behind the lens.

When you consider hiring a photographer it is important to look for the right one. Like all of our businesses, photographers often will specialize in one aspect over another. One may be great at capturing the special moments of a wedding while another excels in architectural photography. The photographer who does great in-studio portraits may lack in action shots inside of a machine shop.

When you hire a professional you should own the license to use your pictures however you like. Then you don’t have to worry about license issues and getting sued. Win-win.

We work with the best photographers we can find to help our clients get the best images and video for their needs. The top two choices for us are Robert Suddarth and Jerrod Shelton. Between these two we have never seen anything but the best.

In the next article we will look at the jack of all trades who is able to take his own pictures. Stay tuned.