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You boys get out of there!

Steven Carr — 2016-05-25

I love local business. More and more I love local business – and not only because I own one. A recent experience at the local hardware store reminded me of two reasons I love local.

Get Out Of There!

I had my boys down at the local hardware store looking for a compression fitting to fix a waterline on the ice maker. I realize this is not web related. Now, a little background... We live outside a small town and everyone pretty much knows everyone by name, where you live, what you do, that you started mowing at 9am last Saturday, etc. Small town Texas. I walk into the store and the owner and his wife both greet me by name. They know my kids, my wife, my chickens. We are in community. We are local.

So I am looking at fittings to get the right one and I hear, “You boys get of out of there!” You know the feeling... The two rowdy boys that were right behind me are around the corner trying to climb between a shelf and the wall. They were quickly caught by the store owner and she took care of it. They both froze, red faced. I came around the corner and apologized, pulled their ears, etc. Mona just smiled and laughed. She's been there. I am glad she caught them and hollered at them. They need to learn what is and is not OK. They need to know that even when dad can't see you, you are still required to behave. They also need to know that dad can lecture all the way home or worse when you don't behave.

What If You Use This Part Of This One?

In looking for the right fitting, they did not quite have it. I needed to connect two female brass fittings with a male nipple, but they did not have it in the right size and thread. As we looked through the bins, Mona says, “What if we use the part out of this? Would that work?” It did work. She did not have the exact part I needed, but she thought through it to make a working solution. You just don't get that kind of service at the big box stores.

It Is Web Related

We are a local business and those traits run in our blood. This is web related for us. When Robert Suddarth walks in my office and all my people know his name, it matters. When I go to his house after work to help fix a computer problem I am not educated on, it matters. When he and I go to the range and shoot together, it matters. When he calls apologetically for being so late in the evening, but needing help to get files on his website for a deadline, I am glad to be his go-to guy. We are in this together and we have to look out for each other. We have to find the best solutions with what we have to help our customers succeed. Local business matters because we love each other and want to see success for our friends and neighbors.

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