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Are You An Expert In Your Field Part 1

Steven Carr — 2016-06-09

How do you become an expert in your field? Is it an amount of time that you’ve worked, the education, the experience? How do you get to become the expert level plumber, expert level doctor, expert level whatever? I have heard numbers like 10,000 hours or 7 years and I have completed both of those limits, but sometimes I feel less like an expert. Maybe that’s because my field changes every 18 months and we get a whole new take on everything. There are principles underlying that help us to kind of stay on track and stay focused. Those principles that we have followed really don’t change. What does change is how you apply those principles certainly does. I bet it’s like that for your field too. So how do you become an expert in your field or maybe the better question is how do you communicate to your customers that you are, in fact, an expert in your field?

Communicating Your Expect Level

I think showing you are an expect can be done in a number of ways, but let’s hit on three big ones. Let’s hit on your website content, your social media content, and your email marketing content. Over the next three weeks we will explore each of these areas to plan our how you present yourself as an expert in your field using online marketing.

Here's a little teaser...

Using Your Website As An Expert

First off, your website content. Adding a blog to your website can make you look like an expert. Maybe you are, maybe you don’t think you are…

Spread The Content Out

Once you have developed this content on your website that shows you are an expect, then we want to take that content to spread it out in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus…

Being An Expert With Email Marketing

The third thing is email marketing. In email marketing want to take the content posted on your blog or website and spread it out to the email boxes of people that you’ve already had contact with…

You want to show and teach people that you really do know your stuff. You may not have 10,000 hours under your belt and maybe don’t have seven years. I think you can still achieve that expert level by showing people that you truly are knowledgeable and ready to help them at an expert level.

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