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What to Write?

Bethany Santillan — 2016-05-27

What to write when you don't have a topic to write about? This is my problem this month. You see I am not a natural writer. It takes some real effort for me to put words on a page. Sometimes just coming up with a topic is half the battle. If you are like me then you know my pain. I am not good at pulling a topic out of a hat and writing about. I usually have to do some research on whatever I want to talk about. I feel like I have to backup what I am saying with facts or at less with something that someone else said. Begin a graphic artist it is much easier for me to create a graphic around what I want to say than writing about it. In general, a graphic artist is a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner. We do not learn well by reading about something then trying to make it work. We need to see it, hear it, and touch it. This is how I am anyway. Therefore, most of the time, graphic artists are not good writers. I did make it through my college English, but it is also what kept me from having a 4.0 GPA. Thank goodness for the teachers at SPC who understood my struggle and helped me through. Without them my GPA would have been a lot worse. I applaud the many bloggers out there who can write about almost anything and I am thankful for a boss who is understanding. Until now I never really thought about it, but the internet is one huge newspaper. Every website is a page in a newspaper and every page inside of that website is a column on that newspaper page. If you think of it that way, man what a massive newspaper that would be on your door step Sunday morning.

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