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Your Web Pro Takes Care of Your Whole Site

One of the monthly services we offer is called YWP 360. It is designed to cover your online presence from top to bottom. Included are four services: website maintenance, social media management, seo management, and reputation management. It rings in at $360 per month. Let me expand on each of these just a little.

Website Maintenance
This is our most popular service. You pay one flat rate monthly and we handle updates to your website. The regular rate on this is $89.95/month.

Social Media Management
For Social Media Management you pay one flat rate monthly and we handle your social media profile updates and monitoring. The regular rate on this is $89.95/month.

SEO Management
This service is geared to watch your search ranks and generate content geared for better placement each month. The regular rate on this is $89.95/month.

Reputation Management
This service watches many of the review sites to alert you when a customer posts good or bad comments about your company. We also help you respond to those and collect good comments from your customers. The regular rate on this is $89.95/month.

Email Marketing
This service allows you to put information in front of your audience on a deeper level. Offer coupons, promotions, newsletters and more with email marketing. We also track the progress of your campaigns with insightful metrics. The regular rate for email marketing is $89.95/month.

The Synergy of 360
It is easy to see how all of these work together. When they are well run you can see the effects in multiple aspects of your online presence. Each service alone is good, but running them all with a solid plan really does create a synergistic effect that is greater than the sum of the parts – and for less money. at just $360 a month, it's a steal. Give it a try for your online presence.