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Your Friendly, Neighborhood Licensed Killer, Bug Off Termite and Pest Control

Bug Off Pest Control

Ron Stephen is the owner of Bug Off Termite and Pest Control, but most people know him as the friendly, neighborhood licensed killer. Ron handles any pest or weed control needs including residential and commercial bug treatment, termite inspections and treatments, and pre-emergent weed control. Roaches? Mice? Bees? Snakes? Yep. Ron can take care of all those any many other pests that might try to infest your home or office.

The Bug Off Termite and Pest Control website is a 10 page theme build that is heavy on pictures. The overall layout is simple with colors to match their logo. We developed pages for each of the service groups Ron offers: Pest Control, Termites, and Weed Control. When your website contains pages specific to one thing they are indexed and listed better by search engines. All too often people will lump together as many things as possible on a single page to keep things simple, but that will confuse the search engines and make it harder for people to find.

The blog is another function of this website is designed to help search engines index and people find it. Ron’s blog is meant to be updated often with content that is search engine rich and educational for people. When done well, a blog like this will go a long way to make your website successful.

Ron was eager to add a section for coupons allowing his customers to save money on pest and weed control. Coupons can do a couple of good things for your website. The first is helping you track effectiveness. It is very tangible when a customer shows you a website coupon - you know where that customer has come from. The other is to encourage new customers to get in touch. If your business can use coupons, consider adding them to your website.

Thanks, Ron, for letting us work on this new website for you.