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Why We Offer Hosting

Most companies in our business do not offer hosting as part of their services. I understand why – hosting is not an easy thing to run. Between user issues, hackers, weather, and hardware, it seems like something is always popping up to create a hosting headache. It is far easier to let someone else handle those problems.

So Why?
There are two reasons I decided to take the leap into web hosting. The simple one first: money. I won't lie to you – hosting is profitable. You'd better hope it is, or no one would be into it business wise. The second reason: to offer a complete solution for our customers. So many of our clients have preferred to host with us to keep their setup simple. They have a single source to build, run, and maintain their website. We have other clients who prefer to do things separately, and that is just fine too. We want to provide the best service we can, and depending upon third parties to handle hosting issues does not allow us to do that.

What Makes Us A Better Choice?
Service. Pure and simple. Most anytime you call, we are already running an active session to the servers, so working on emails or anything else is not something that you have to wait for. Additionally, when you need something like an SSL certificate installed for e-commerce, we can usually to that within an hour. Most other hosting providers out there require a 48 hour minimum timeframe to get that done. The worst we ever saw was 45 days – unacceptable. Another area we maintain is security. We monitor file access, logs, email queues, and so much more to keep things on the up-and-up. Should your website or email get attacked by a hacker, we respond within minutes, not days. We see long waits with other hosting providers on problems like this as well.

Is That Why It Costs More?
Yes. Our hosting is more expensive than some of the bargain-basement stuff you can find. While those services are cheap, they also leave you high and dry on service. Oh sure, if you prefer call trees recorded in such heavy accents that you cannot even figure out which button to push, then it is a great deal. But if you are like me, you don't enjoy sitting on hold only to have someone tell you they cannot help you configure Outlook. Our service costs more because we do more. Our service also costs more because we have more. We split accounts off to new servers when the load gets higher. So instead of drowning a server with accounts and making everyone's website load more slowly, we bring new machines online and start rolling accounts to those machines to distribute the load. That makes it faster for everyone, but it's also a more expensive operation. In my opinion, the cost is well worth it.

Is That All?
Yes. Yes, it is. We set out to do things better and hosting is one piece of that. We seek to do hosting better.